The Importance of Authenticity w/ Natalie Bruno

We seem to hear about authenticity and its importance on a daily basis. I sometimes stop to wonder why that is.

Is that because we live in a world where social media has the power to spread ideas (like authenticity) like wildfire? Or are we, as a culture, hungry for that which is real, genuine, and authentic?

And while it is important to be authentic, it’s also important to examine why. We want to be authentic, even if we don’t know what it is.

Natalie Bruno of Jottful explains that authenticity supports what she believes are our two highest goals in life.

“In life we have two things that truly matter - our purpose and the relationships we build over time.”

I really like how Natalie adds context to the value of authenticity that goes beyond expressing our truest self and the essence of who we are. Again, this is important, but to what means? Why is it important for us to shine and not hide who we are?

To connect with others.

Without authenticity, the interactions we have with others would be shallow and meaningless. With authenticity, we’re able to make these interactions powerful and meaningful. If you think about the interactions or relationships in your life that are meaningful — truly meaningful — you’ll find realness.

Authenticity is a tool that allows us to connect and build bridges. Authenticity allows us to open and vulnerable in conversation in order for us to be witnessed by others as ourselves - as purely and simply as possible.

As Oscar Wilde said:

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

- Brooke



This EOD is a little different than most as it’s less about the conversation and more about being in tune with how you feel.

During your conversations this week, try to observe how you feel in each. When do you feel most comfortable? Squirming in your own skin?

The goal is to raise your self-awareness so you start to recognize when you feel uncomfortable, understand why, so you can focus yourself in those moments to bring your authentic self to the table.


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