What to do when things aren't fine.

There's an article I thought I'd share with you all about Ring Theory. It's been my preferred resource for those who want to know "how to not say the wrong thing" or what to DO when they find out someone that they know or are close to is going through something traumatic.

Recognize which ring you sit in and act accordingly: "Comfort in. Dump out."

The Goal of Conversation w/ Corey Fernandez

The Goal of Conversation w/ Corey Fernandez

Whether it's in-person or digital, with an individual or in a group, we have conversations every single day. But when was the last time you stopped to think about the role of conversations and why we, as human beings, need conversations?

The word "conversation" comes from the Latin word "convertere," which means "to take turns." But take turns doing what exactly?

Corey Fernandez shares what he believes is the ultimate goal of conversation and how, if we achieve it, we become more connected in a meaningful way.