An honest reflection: chasing the high, the crash that follows, and being driven to find a soft landing on solid ground

When you engage the way Engage engages, there is this “high” that comes from sharing your messy lives with each other, the goals that you have.

As the facilitator, I get my own version of the Engage High watching your faces. Watching what happens in the moment at Engage Over Coffee. 

But inevitably, after every event I facilitate, there is a crash

The Importance of Authenticity w/ Natalie Bruno

The Importance of Authenticity w/ Natalie Bruno

The best conversations are the ones where the individuals talking get to bring their whole self to the conversation. When we're fake or pretend to be something we're not, it shows and it stops us from truly connecting with others. But the importance of authenticity goes beyond having great conversations that move us and connect us with others.

Natalie Bruno of Jottful talks about how authenticity makes us human and why she believes it should be one of our top priorities in life.