IMPACT: more and more and more

Whenever I describe Engage to someone for the first time, I get the same reaction but for three different reasons.

THE REACTION: an immediate, excited, audible intake of air.

Reason #1: This is exactly what they've been looking for and need RIGHT NOW.

Reason #2
: They wish they'd had this kind of support years ago when...

Reason #3
: They know how valuable being connected and having access to mentors was for them in the past, and they want to make that access possible and easier for others.

Impact: our first micro-grant of $500 awarded to Katie Oswald

Impact: our first micro-grant of $500 awarded to Katie Oswald

Last month we awarded our very first micro-grant through Engage SOUP! Thanks to the attendees and the matching sponsor, Pearl Planning, we were able to award Katie Oswald $500 for her exceptional presentation of the work she is doing with Full Spectrum Agency for Autistic Adults! And her thank you note says volumes.

I facilitate meetups and workshops on a regular basis and often speak at autism conferences, so I didn’t expect to get this nervous over a five minute pitch. I didn’t think of it until I was driving home after the event. This was my first time presenting as an openly autistic person in front of neurotypical audience. - Katie Oswald, Executive Director | Full Spectrum Agency for Autistic Adults

Impact: When (kinda) blind trust bares (really tasty) fruit.

Impact: When (kinda) blind trust bares (really tasty) fruit.

Last week was our very first, top secret, members-only HUSH event.

I knew this was an exercise in trust. Trust that it didn’t matter where we were going. Or what we’d be doing. It was all about who would be there. Not specifically who. Rather there was safety in knowing that “the who” that were also going on this little adventure were going for the same reason. To Engage. On purpose.

“That was fun to get out of my comfort zone. Never would have tried that many places in one day on my own…. or if i’d known what I was getting into before hand.”