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An honest reflection: chasing the high, the crash that follows, and being driven to find a soft landing on solid ground

When you engage the way Engage engages, there is this “high” that comes from sharing your messy lives with each other, the goals that you have.

As the facilitator, I get my own version of the Engage High watching your faces. Watching what happens in the moment at Engage Over Coffee. 

But inevitably, after every event I facilitate, there is a crash

When Ann Arbor comes alive

When Ann Arbor comes alive

What really got me excited yesterday was the arrival of the Rec & Ed calendar.

Sorry, Rec & Ed, it wasn't because of your summer programming.... It was the ad on the back cover that was staring straight at me as I lifted the mail from it's dark cavity of a box.

Ann Arbor Summer Festival is the month I feel the most alive in Ann Arbor.

As a transplant to Ann Arbor, the A2SF Top of the Park (TOP) series (link) is what reminds me that - despite all the dismal, grey months we have in Michigan - we know how to celebrate life and sunny skies. And we live through festivals like it's what we were born to do.

What to do when things aren't fine.

There's an article I thought I'd share with you all about Ring Theory. It's been my preferred resource for those who want to know "how to not say the wrong thing" or what to DO when they find out someone that they know or are close to is going through something traumatic.

Recognize which ring you sit in and act accordingly: "Comfort in. Dump out."