The Value of the Hand-written Note w/ Elaine Ezekiel

The Value of the Hand-written Note w/ Elaine Ezekiel

WHY ELAINE? We interviewed Elaine because of her strong, thoughtful consideration of the creation and value of social capital, her goal for having a weekly lunch with someone new, because she truly embodies the values that are core to her employer’s company culture - which we think are worth pointing out. Plus their B-corp status is pretty cool.

Elaine is the Director of Marketing at Atomic Object, is a trusted soundboard for our Founder, Brooke Boyle, and has participated as a Connector in the Connector Program before joining Engage as a member at the Advocate level in 2018.

In this video, Elaine talks about how and why she started the practice of writing a handwritten note to genuinely say thank you. And how something so simple can express appreciation and gratitude in a powerful way.

How to find meaning behind every introduction w/ Lori Roddy

How to find meaning behind every introduction w/ Lori Roddy

As we engage more and more with those in our community, it's very likely that people will introduce others to us and say, "you two should talk." But what do we talk about when we do meet for the very first time?

In this video, Lori Roddy of The Neutral Zone shares how she ensures every meeting she has is always meaningful and purposeful for herself and the other individual.

An honest reflection: chasing the high, the crash that follows, and being driven to find a soft landing on solid ground

When you engage the way Engage engages, there is this “high” that comes from sharing your messy lives with each other, the goals that you have.

As the facilitator, I get my own version of the Engage High watching your faces. Watching what happens in the moment at Engage Over Coffee. 

But inevitably, after every event I facilitate, there is a crash

IMPACT: more and more and more

Whenever I describe Engage to someone for the first time, I get the same reaction but for three different reasons.

THE REACTION: an immediate, excited, audible intake of air.

Reason #1: This is exactly what they've been looking for and need RIGHT NOW.

Reason #2
: They wish they'd had this kind of support years ago when...

Reason #3
: They know how valuable being connected and having access to mentors was for them in the past, and they want to make that access possible and easier for others.