The Participant Membership level

People join Engage because they are looking for ways to meet people they wouldn’t have otherwise.

We are tired of social media and social networking and we haven’t found value in traditional networking - but are looking for ways to meet people who can inspire us. People who don’t look like us, or go to the same places we do. We want to learn from others. We want to hear their stories. We want to learn and grow.

We want to participate in our community so that we can feel like we belong and matter.


Annual Membership
96.00 every 12 months 120.00 every 12 months
Monthly Membership
10.00 every month


Engage Over Coffee is free - every time.

Can’t always make it to in-person events? Stay in touch with Engage and other members through our members-only Slack channel - a web platform and mobile app for communicating needs and sharing about local opportunities.

Looking to meet more people on your own time? Engage By Chance randomly pairs you with another member of Engage every 3 weeks so you can diversify your network on your own schedule over a casual cup of coffee or lunch.

Get exclusive access to our Engage Pop Ups, announced only through Slack.

Get early access and discounts to our partner events and workshops.