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Connection & Belonging

"Community is the core foundation of any society -- it helps bring people together in various ways whether it is social or work related. The line between social and work is more and more blurred and undefined..."

- Rich Chang, Co-founder & CEO | NewFoundry

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Impact & Philanthropy

"Engaging the next generation in creating the kind of community they want to enjoy -- both for themselves and their kids -- is crucial! This includes not only engagement in what this landscape looks like, but how they can help turn that landscape into reality through service and philanthropy."

- Susie Boswell Craig, Associate Director of Development | University Musical Society


OPPORTUNITY & Reciprocity

"We are giving them a stronger voice in helping build more safe, secure and trustworthy workplace neighborhoods." 

- Scott LaVictor, Co-founder and CEO | Neighborhood Watch® for Corporations



INgenuity & Entrepreneurship

"Engage matters because entrepreneurship would die without community support." Christina York, Founder and CEO | Spellbound