People join Engage because they are looking for ways to meet people they wouldn’t have otherwise. And our programming reflects our collective mission for how we want to live our lives.

  • We are tired of social media, and we haven’t found value in traditional networking.

  • We are looking for ways to meet people who can inspire us. People who don’t look like us, or go to the same places we do.

  • We want to learn from others. We want to hear their stories. We want to learn and grow.

  • We want to participate in our community so that we can feel like we belong and matter.

ENGAGE facilitates those serendipitous moments that let ordinary, remarkable people come together. We share our stories, our perspectives, our networks, our skills with one another as cross generational mentors, business partners and friends.

Our members are able to realize new ideas, find energy for ones they haven’t been giving attention to, are able to expand their ambitions because of the support network they create for each other. And, the impact of the conversations that begin through Engage are often collaborations that extend into the community well beyond our member base.

From introductions, events and curated experiences, to intimate gatherings and large scale celebrations, Engage fosters a community that connects like-minded individuals.



For those in career transition, newcomers navigating professional opportunities in the area, or entrepreneurs looking to grow their support network.


For those who want to establish and expand their network and social capital.


For those who want to have a positive impact by sharing their time, skills and resources in ways that go beyond the scope of their day job.



Our members aren’t from any particular industry, experience level or background. Rather, we are intentionally broad in who we attract. Because diversity of experience is what improves the experience of everyone present.

Our community is curious, authentic, generous, and action-oriented and believes in the power of collaboration through diversity.

At the core, our membership packages include an extensive number programs including networking sessions, curated public and private events, and knowledge-exchanges that will support you on your journey and enable connections across all sectors and disciplines, no matter what stage of your journey you might be on.

Our community is growing rapidly every day, and we invite you to become a part of it.

Should you have any questions at all, please contact: membership@a2engage.com


Since being founded in 2017 by Brooke Boyle, Engage has strived to foster a collaborative environment that curates introductions and offers events that connect like-minded people who wouldn’t have met otherwise.

People in and around Ann Arbor join Engage because they are looking for ways to meet people they couldn’t have found on their own, to gain visibility to what’s happening within their community, and to get the support they need to grow. Our members make opportunities happen for each other because when we hear what someone needs it makes us want to help them. And there is no other place in town where you have so many wildly varied opportunities to help and be helped.

While the reasons why our members choose to join ENGAGE is unique to each member, one thing is same - they are inspired by hearing other people’s stories, and they are proud to be a part of something that is changing people’s lives one conversation at a time.

Engage provides a highly-nuanced, detailed touch and prioritizes experiences that allow our members to focus on relationships that open doors to thrive, to inspire, and to be inspired by interesting people.