Announcing: The Lost Art of Conversation

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From breaking the ice, to asking follow-up questions, to saying good-bye, to remembering names, to following-up...and everything in between.

When we think of conversation, it sounds simple, but there are so many moving parts that we all need to recognize and put into practice. Conversations are so much more than just the words we speak.

From this revelation, I decided to develop “The Lost Art of Conversation” - an educational series to help make it easier for individuals to create the deep and meaningful connections people crave. Each video showcases a specific, important skill that relates to having authentic, powerful conversations - the kind of conversations that lead to meaningful connections.

What makes The Lost Art of Conversation special is the people involved. Rather than write about these important skills, I invited some amazing people around town to share their story to show why these skills are important and to give insight on how to practice them. From those who are extremely introvert to those who are gregarious and extrovert, our hope is that by showcasing the amazing people we have around town, you’ll find someone you can connect with and learn about a conversational skill to pay attention to.

So, what’s next?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing with you videos and the lessons I learned from the incredible individuals who shared their wisdom and their time.

Want a sneak peek? Watch Elaine Ezekiel talk about her time as a journalist and what it taught her about active listening.

At the end of the day, conversation is an art form. And like any form of art, the art of conversation is a skill of elegance, nuance, and creative execution. But at its core, conversation is about something simple and profound: connection.

A conversation costs nothing but can open up whole new worlds and possibilities.

Ultimately, I hope the Lost Art of Conversation video series will help individuals feel less isolated in their community and to highlight the leaders in Ann Arbor who care about connection and belonging - to help people experience the pleasures and possibilities of great conversation.



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