Engage Funder Benefits for Micro Companies (1-4 FTEs)


Includes our most popular services for early stage companies


Dedicated time with Engage Founder, Brooke Boyle

  • A proper sit-down conversation for 90 minutes, once per quarter
  • Targeted introductions related to community engagement, employee engagement, talent needs, and brand visibility
    • introduction facilitation and referral bonuses are determined by you on a Pay What You Want/ Pay What You Can model - typical range is $50 to $5,000
  • Access to Brooke for any phone calls or special requests between in-person appointments for no additional fee

How It works

You make your company more attractive to the community and your employees.


    Branding Benefits

    1. Your brand qualifies for and is recognized as a "Proud Connector Employer" 

    • Pre-requisite: at least one employee must apply for and be accepted into the Connector Program as a Connector (membership fees apply which are typically paid for by the individual and reimbursed by the employer).
    • Includes one (1) "I am a Connector" Starter Kit
      • exclusive button, laptop sticker and mug
    • Includes your linked logo as a qualifying "Proud Connector Employer"

    2. Your brand is recognized for the subsidy of one Connectee per year ($550 value).

    • Connectees are individuals who have recently moved (or anticipate a move) to the Ann Arbor area within the last year.
    • If you'd like to support additional Connectees (typically new employees and/or their spouses), we will give you a 40% discount ($220 value).

    3. Sponsorship recognition for Community Coffee

    • 2 times per year (a $200 value)
    • Dates selected by you (to coincide with hiring or promotional periods)
    • $100 per each additional sponsorship for Community Coffee

    4. One (1) seat "At The Table"

    • Our version of a CEO roundtable
    • One representative from each company
    • Hosting is rotated among companies
    • Typically a Friday lunch towards the end of (almost every) month

    Linked listing as an Engage member company on the Engage website: Who We Are

      additional Access

      *pricing varies

      Option to: 

      • sponsor Engage facilitated events
      • host a custom event, facilitated by Engage
      • advertise to the Engage base for beta testing, or other opportunities to engage with/support the growth of your company

      Payment Options



      5% price reduction


      10% price reduction