This breakfast is one hour every 3-5 weeks to: 

  • eat a real breakfast and step away from the never ending to-dos,

  • talk with the other individuals who are also building a growing company, but 

    • may come from a different background,

    • be of a different industry, or

    • are at a different growth stage of their company.

Come when you can, as you are.

Breakfast is included, with proceeds from breakfast contributions benefiting the Engage Connector Program.


By nomination and invite-only

These founders are individuals who started their own scaleable company or organization to solve a problem. 

They are builders who have proven traction and that will or have scaled to something larger than a solopreneur endeavor.

They share a similar pain to each other in being primarily responsible for:

  • the growth and success of their organization/company,

  • their OWN livelihood, and that of their current/future team.

Entrepreneurship is a lonely job. Knowing that you have a network of like-minded folks that are facing the same challenges helps me as a founder and also helps me to build my support network and grow my company. It is incredibly valuable to learn about services and resources in Ann Arbor that can help entrepreneurs and to share positive stories about our community. I’m building new friendships, strengthening old, and helping to ensure that my company is laying down roots right here in the town where I live.
— Christina York, Founder and CEO | Spellbound