Everyone felt like they were coming with an open mind and enthusiastic attitude, and it was palpable.
— Dana Gorodetsky - Ann Arbor returnee
I like having conversations with new people but I don’t like starting them. The group’s format made my least favorite part feel easy.
— Jessica A.S. Letaw - storyteller, business owner

Engage Over Coffee

Engage Over Coffee - our flagship morning event (previously called Community Coffee) - is open to the public on a Pay What You Can fee structure.

Your first cup of drip coffee (or tea) is on us!

It is:

  • your chance to expand and diversify your network in Ann Arbor, and

  • our way of making sure everyone has access to opportunity in Ann Arbor regardless of their financial constraints.

Designed to be introvert friendly, attendees get into small groups of three for a 10 minute conversation focused on asking questions for the purpose of learning something new.

  • No single person is responsible for carrying the conversation.

  • Everyone is responsible for asking questions, listening and, if someone new joins the dialogue, making room for them.

Hosted at a different location each month, Engage Over Coffee attendees have to really be paying attention to find us and are ready for an authentic conversation. And as people are tired of social networking, Engage Over Coffee is providing the opportunity to look someone in the eye and say "Hello! Tell me about you." and "How can I help?"

Upcoming Events

Thursday, November 15 @ Argus Farm Stop, Packard Location

Tuesday, December 11 @ Electric Eye Cafe

Wednesday, January 16 @ Avalon Cafe & Kitchen

“A purposeful collection of leaders - with a handful being truly global citizens - energized my life. It’s a rare gift to learn from leaders in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s in less than one hour.”
— Corey Fernandez, executive leadership coach


Our most highly requested evening event is highly-orchestrated, fast-paced, and requires an active membership!

Not a Member yet? Apply today!

Speed Connecting is our version of speed dating but for professional and community based interests. 

Drinks and Dinner are included in the ticket price.

Each event is targeted to a specific audience like:

  • all Engage members,

  • newcomers to Ann Arbor, or

  • Connectors in the Connector Program.

This event is typically limited to 20 attendees - depending on the venue, and requires advanced registration so that we can prepare the Speed Connecting cards with your profile information. This way you and the other attendees don't have to introduce yourselves over and over again - and can get into the deeper level conversations to determine if you'd like to have another (longer than 4 minutes) conversation.