Based on the International award-winning Halifax model, the Connector Program matches newcomers (Connectees) with established residents, business and community leaders, and the every day makers and doers of Ann Arbor (Connectors) based on professional and community-based interests.


1. Get matched

Engage Founder, Brooke Boyle, personally vets each Connector and Connectee applicant.

When a qualified Connectee is matched with a Connector, a Connector Coordinator will reach out make to make an introduction.


2. ConnecT

Connectors are asked to meet with the Connectee to share their professional story, share their community insights, and provide support for the Connectee as they navigate what’s next for them in Ann Arbor.

Pro tip: We love using Calendly and MixMax to reduce the back and forth of emails for scheduling.


3. Refer

After the conversation, Connectors provide 3ish appropriate referrals to relevant contacts in their networks or resources they think would benefit the Connectee based on their interests and goals.

When I moved to Ann Arbor, I knew no one. Brooke sought to know me personally, and I was quickly surrounded by a community of support.
— Mary Kate Shannon, graduate student, Marriage and Family Therapy & Engage Intern
I wouldn’t be where I am without Brooke.
Now with Engage, I’m able to contribute to that same ‘pay it forward’ culture.

It feels good to act as a catalyst to help someone find where they belong.
— Alex West, Director of Research and Business Information at Ann Arbor SPARK