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We wonder “What’s next for me in Ann Arbor?” and “Who can I ask for help?”

Engage is making that easy.

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Smallish Gatherings

We host a panoply of events in and around Ann Arbor, from community coffees to game nights. A brilliant way to meet brilliant people who share a similar mindset. Be ready to join the dialogue and meet someone new. Just don't call it networking...we are in it for the authentic interactions that build community.

Insider Access

Through our very occasional one-way communication via email, and the always available Ann Arbor Slack channel, we'll keep you in the know about some of the incredible opportunities that you wouldn't otherwise know about!

Brooke’s ability to listen, relate and make wildly helpful introductions is a walking example of Malcolm Gladwell’s connector archetype as described in the Tipping Point. The greater community is lucky to have her vision helping to shape our local economy.
— Angela Peat, Delivery Lead/Experience Architect at Pillar Technology, Engage Connector
Even the interns provided by Engage are above par, it almost feels like cheating.
— Kai Stabell, Engage Facilitator; conflict resolution consultant

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